About Wedeln

Wedeln Ski & Outdoors Club is nestled in national forest land close to hiking, skiing, and many other activities.

How do you pronounce “wedeln”?

Wedeln (vãd'ln) noun; A snow skiing style in which the skier executes a series of short, quick parallel turns by moving the backs of the skis from side to side at a constant speed.

Definition taken from thefreedictionary.com, which also has a handy audio of how it's pronounced.

Club Details

A former inn, our building sports a beautiful farmer's porch, fully equipped kitchen, recently renovated pub-style bar and game area, large but cozy living room with fireplace, and spacious dining room.

The 20 bedrooms, which are are single-sex, each sleep three or four individuals in comfy bunk beds. Six full bathrooms are available for members and guests, who all bring their own bedding and towels and maintain the cleanliness of their areas during each stay. During busy weekends, we often hire a chef to cater meals at the club.

Club Fairness Policy

The Wedeln Ski & Outdoors Club has a policy of ensuring an environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual and is free from all forms of unlawful discrimination in club activities, including sexual harassment and harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


The Eastern Inter-Club Ski League (EICSL) comprises 23 clubs from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The organization, which promotes recreational skiing, snowboarding, and racing at all skill levels, holds three qualifying races and one championship race each season. Our team Wedeln Express and other league teams compete by gender and ability, with 8 to 12 individuals racing in each division. A race banquet/awards ceremony concludes each season in celebration of team accomplishments.

The House

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Living Room

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Newly Renovated Pub-Style Bar

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Game Area

accomodations accomodations

Fully-Equipped Kitchen


20 Bunk Style Bedrooms

accomodations accomodations

9 Available Bathrooms